pere martir braso


Pere-Martir Brasó was very young when he entered the art studio of the painter and pyro-engraver Josep Serra Manenti, but we can consider him self-taught. He also studied advertising drawing, and at the beginning of the 80's he worked with the artistic painter Pere Montserrat.
With clear influences from comic, style which he has always vindicated, he's been through different artistic periods, during which he didn't lose his particular figurativism, with influences from Surrealism, Impressionism and Expressionism. His language turned to be very personal, gestural and schematic; his work conveys a lively Mediterranean emotion.
Pere-Martir Brasó's works are part of various art collections, public as well as private, in places such as Barcelona, Roma, Geneva, Ljubljana, etc. In his first stage naïve surrealism, took him to a much more ironical rather than a dramatic expressionism. Subsequently as result from his various stays in the Sahara Desert, during various years he cultivated an African atmosphere in his paintings. His work has always kept a spontaneous and free chromaticism.
Later on, preserving his gestural touch, he compromised himself with a larger involvement in the actual myths; he condemned the extreme importance given to the physical appearance in the occidental world, the social hardships in the Third World, showing what he called "Urban Deserts".
Since 1983 he's done individual exhibitions in Barcelona, Badalona, Vilassar de Mar, Mataro, Banyoles, Llinars del Valles, Rome… And he has participated in over 30 collective exhibitions, in different art galleries in Barcelona, Girona, Mataro, Terrassa, Vilafranca del Penedes, Sant Cugat del Valles, Vilanova i la Geltru, Zaragoza, Vigo, Madrid…
In 1998 he took part as a teacher in some of the videos of the Practical Course of drawing and painting by RBA Editoriales, which later was issued in the Public TV of Catalonia.
He was selected at the 2001 edition of the prestigious Biennal of painting Ricard Cami, sponsored by Caixa Terrassa Bank. Loyal to his uneasy artistic biography, his work is a permanent search.
A good example of this search are his drawings full of irony, created on computer, he weekly illustrated the chapters of the first book in Catalonian published in Internet (between April 2001 and May 2002): "Qui sobreviurà la globalització?" ("Who will survive to globalization?") by Jep Llany.
In 2002 he exposed a series named "Iceland", in the Il Canovaccio Gallery of Rome, a personal vision of the volcanic and mysterious landscape of the country, which impressed him as much as the Sahara Desert. That same year he started a new series of paintings, some of them in large format and with a certain oriental touch, regarding to the empty spaces or "blank". He exhibited his work at the Magdalena Baxeras Gallery in Barcelona. Qualified as an excellent exhibition by the critics.
Following this line, in 2003 he presented in Espai Capgros of Mataro, his oil paintings representing social criticism, political deception, unexplained wars, Palestine, Irak, etc.
In 2005 he moved to Tordera, where he had his art studio fully immerse in the heart of nature. This will reflect in his new series of paintings about the Montseny and the Montenegre, treated in his own way as usual. The life of the surviving trees, places him on December of that same year to exhibit in the Lolet Comas Gallery of Mataro the collection named: "El Bosc cremat" ("The Burnt Forest"), the presentation was in charge of the art critic Josep M. Cadena. The fire, the smoke and the ashes which fill the background are a notice and a claim, which will find a special echo in Galicia, very punished by fires that same summer. A year later he takes part in various collectives in Vigo, Padron and in Coruña.
After spending one year and a half in Tordera, he returns back to the urban field of Mataro where he began his last series; mixture and synthesis of the last past years, he returns with a strong social involvement, with his schematic trace, reminder of comic, which is so characteristic of him, he makes a very personal chronic, sometimes ironic, other times dramatic of our days. In February 2007 he presents his last work in the Monjo Museum of Vil asar de Mar, in an exhibition tittled: "Animus Provocandi".
He constantly provokes, as Pere-Martir Brasó doesn't settle for what has worked well for him in the past. He immerses himself in the search of new colours, new concepts, new challenges, of course never losing his personal seal.
In March 2008 he effectively presented at the Art22 Gallery of Girona, a sample of his last periods, ("El Bosc Cremat", "Animus Provocandi" and the most recent "Jo vaig ser-hi", "I was There"), all with a common nexus of black and white with an ironical and social critical background.
From 2008 onwards his paintings turn more to minimalism and to the reduction of the colour and the anecdote. His palette is nearly reduced down to black and white. Again he comes closer to comic and illustration, as if he had ever been far from it.
In essence he gives more importance to the line than to colour. His last exhibitions; "Continuarà" (It will continue), "M'he quedat en blanc" (My mind is in blank) or "De pedres i besties" (Of stones and beasts) receive praise from experts and the public in general.

Jep Llany, writer. July 2013


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